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‘O’ is for October and oysters at Elizabeth City’s C & H Oyster Bar

C & H Oyster Bar

Founded in 1967 with a roster of famous people who have visited over the years such as Walter Cronkite, Catfish Hunter, Wolfman Jack, and Chet Atkins, the independently-owned C & H Oyster Bar...... READ MORE

6 Drinks Exclusive to Elizabeth City

North Carolina’s “Harbor of Hospitality” wouldn’t be complete without great beverages to give you a warm welcome, and, on your next trip, you will be pleased with the unique offerings available. Read on for the 6 Drinks Exclusive to Elizabeth City, North Carolina!... READ MORE

Cupid provides inspiration for Elizabeth City’s chefs in February

Prefer dinner for two or with a posse of friends for Valentine’s Day?  Special dinner menus are available at several Elizabeth City eateries. With great food and ambiance, a fantastic night is guaranteed.... READ MORE

International and Regional Flavors Influence Signature Dishes at Three Elizabeth City Restaurants

Many restaurants have a defining, celebrated dish that represents their raison d’être. Here’s what the chefs and owners of three popular Elizabeth City eateries.... READ MORE

You’ll be Smitten with Oysters in Elizabeth City, NC

Seasoned travelers know one of the best ways to truly experience a destination is to acquaint yourself with the native food and eat like a local. As you don’t fully experience a destination until you've savored the regional cuisine and rubbed elbows with the locals. It is often the experiences at out of the way eateries and hidden gems you might just drive by that will give your trip the most flavor.... READ MORE

There’s a Catch: Seafood Dishes in Elizabeth City

With Elizabeth City's close proximity to the sound and sea, it's a prime location for trying coastal seafood. Whether you’re craving Asian specialties, a salad, pasta, or a southern-style fry up, there are several area dishes that showcase tasty fish and simple yet satisfying ingredients.... READ MORE

Elizabeth City Waterfront Dining: Paradise on the Pasquotank

Beyond the deck, boats sway on the other end of the Pasquotank, a seagull flies overhead, and a turtle bobs surreptitiously on the water’s surface. A server delivers fried ravioli to a table beside me. They rest there like a line of fallen dominoes, over a bed of red sauce.... READ MORE

Happy Hour: Signature Cocktails in Elizabeth City

Whether sweet or tart, shaken or stirred, there’s no denying residents of Elizabeth City love a well-crafted cocktail. Here are a few signature standouts to order during your next night out on the town.... READ MORE

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