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Insider's Guide - Boating

Effective 8:00 March 26th Mariners' Wharf, Waterfront Park Marina, and Lamb's Marina are closed until further notice. No vessel of any kind shall be allowed to dock or stay the either locations until further notice. This closure of the marinas is directly related to the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Read the press release here.

Elizabeth City Welcomes Boaters to the "Harbor of Hospitality"

The “Harbor of Hospitality” is set on the beautiful Elizabeth City waterfront and the Pasquotank River. At Mariners’ Wharf you can choose from 14 boat slips with free 48-hour docking! When you tie up at Mariners’ Wharf, you may find that the locals are quite helpful, most share a smile and lend a hand. The visitors center also throws impromptu Rose Buddies parties.... READ MORE

Moth Boats Dot Elizabeth City’s Pasquotank River in October

The classic moth sailboat has a storied history. The first boat of its kind was built in Elizabeth City in 1929 when Captain Joel Van Sant visited while ferrying a yacht along the Intracoastal Waterway. Inspired by the calm water of the Pasquotank River, he created drawn designs for a small sailing dingy and enlisted the help of local shipbuilders to construct one.... READ MORE

Pontoon Boating Fun in Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City’s excellent climate allows for year-round, water-related activities so whether you’re a resident of our little town or are visiting from a land-locked region, you’ll want to take advantage of all the North Carolina coast has to offer.... READ MORE

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